After Life


Director: Shirley Day

Production Company: Waveney Valley Film Film & Theatre

Short synopsis: “After Life” is an introspective short film which gives a thought-provoking look into the journey of a married couple.

IMDB Link: After Life


This film had great production values and a lot of thoughtful silence, so the score needed to be delicate and reflective. Before I arrived on the scene it was already decided that a piano score would be most fitting, but I added a cello to give it some extra depth and richness.

Since I had written a very detailed pitch for the project I had plenty of source material to work with, so I was able to build strongly off my original concept piece. A soft touch helped enhance the great reflective atmosphere which was already so well captured. For the thematic sections, keeping the piano really gentle and making the most of the higher ranges gave it a cold, reminiscent feeling which worked very nicely, and also meant it stayed separate in range from the cello.

It was a great opportunity to write for piano almost as a solo instrument, since I was coming straight from writing a very orchestral score for “The Attachment”.

The film was very well received and has been recently accepted for the Cannes Short Film Corner 2015.