Music for your production

These tracks are hot off the press and would work very well either for placing in existing productions, or as mood pieces for a commission.

You can also find me in quality music libraries such as The Music Jar with more tracks ready to go.

This track conveys the heaviness and heat of the desert, building tension and suspense. Middle Eastern instruments and harmony combine to create a strong sense of place, pulling the listener into the atmosphere.

Serene, expansive, and inquisitive, this track features open synth and a delicate violin melody, along with lots of atmospheric touches to capture the unique atmosphere of space, without resorting to heavy or thick sounds.

This is about as bouncy as it gets, with a lively rhythm and joyful violin top-line! The orchestration is light and airy too with dancing woodwinds and a sparkling bell for good measure, over the heart-warmingly retro electric beat.

I don’t use epic percussion that much, but when I do it’s for good reason! This short piece is ready to drop into an exciting and fast-paced introduction sequence, featuring action-packed orchestration and high production values.

A track with “Battle” written all over it, which would make for a great fighting underscore layer in a videogame. The powerful brass and fast primal percussion make this feel dangerous and exciting, and would be best suited in the fantasy genre.

Another Middle Eastern styled track, but now emotional and flowing. Very much the sound of a hero who falls in battle or of a bittersweet victory, featuring the evocative baritone violin.

This would work well in a set with “Space”, since it also carries a futuristic vibe, evoking a stealthy infiltration in a hostile mechanical environment. The violin is still there, now faster and edgy, along with a tense electronic beat. It loops too- perfect for games!

A carefully composed Hybrid track that bucks the trend with delicate orchestration and electronic elements to help drive it along, but without openly aggressive sounds. It builds gradually to an open and dramatic finish, and would be perfect as an inspiring underscore.

Dark and ominous, the rising dissonance to open the piece tells of destruction and horror, before leading into a requiem-like finish with orchestra, choir and lots of atmospheric synth over a threatening robotic undertone.

Dark in a different way, the electronic computer atmospheres and dissonant brass alongside evocative melody create a harsh futuristic sound. The slow tempo only adds to the threatening atmosphere!                                                                          

This is a group of Urban, Reggae influenced tracks with electronic beat elements, heavy bass and tweaked strings. These would be ideal for a tough and confident vibe, and are the perfect length for covering cuts between scenes.